Apply for a place

Noor Ul Islam Primary School is a school in demand, as the number of applications exceed the number of spaces available it is necessary for us to have an admission list. This list contains details of those who have shown an interest in admitting their children.

To add your child's name to the list you will need to include an Initial Application Form which you will need to complete and return to the school with a cheque for £20 made payable to Noor Ul Islam School Fund. (This fee is to add your child's name to the list and does not cover any of the school fees.) We will then send you an acknowledgement of receipt via email together with a unique application reference number.

If you do complete the admission list form, you must advise us of any changes when they occur eg address/telephone number, child attending the pre-school.

Scoring applications
We will not be in a position to advise you on the progress of your application until a place is available. When a place does become available we will review the admission list for that particular class, assess applications and implement our admission policy. The following are some of the points considered:

  • Whether the child attended the Noor Ul Islam Pre-School * (place not guaranteed);
  • Whether the child has a brother / sister already attending the Noor Ul Islam Primary school;
  • How soon after the child reached three years was the application submitted;
  • Proximity to the school.

At the meeting, the following documents must be produced:

  1. Child's birth certificate
  2. Existing school reports

Once the meeting is held a place may or may not be offered to the child. 

Admissions for Reception class entry

Applications for entry at Reception class follows a slightly diffferent process. Please note the procedure below.

Parents may apply for their child to start in Reception from the age of three. The deadline for applying for a place is January 15th of the year that your child is due to start in Reception. For example if your child is due to start Reception class in September 2020, you must ensure your application is with the school (including the application fee) by midnight of January 15th 2020.

Once an application has been recieved the form is point scored against the admissions criteria (please see above). The children who receive the highest points will subsequently be invited for interview with the admissions panel (ordinarily the Headteacher and a Governor).

Thereafter an offer may or may not be made to the parents in writing via email. Parents will be expected to respond to the email stating their response and proceed to pay the registration fee. If a parent is not successful at any point in the process their application will remain on the admissions list. If a place does become available then the next highest application on the list will be contacted.

This process will be completed in early March, before the deadline for parents to respond to offers from local state schools which is typically 31st March. We always advise parents to ensure they have also applied to local schools via their local authority as we cannot guarantee a place for anyone until the process is completed.

Summer born children

Parents who choose to extend their child's time in nursery because they are summer born should note that we do not offer entry points into Year 1. A place is only offered in Year 1 if a child leaves the Reception class. The offer of the place will follow our standard procedures as mentioned above.

The school reserves the right to amend its admission policy at any time. Please see our admission policy for more details.

Fees 2019-2020
If a place is offered and you accept it then a Registration fee (£500) must be paid within a specified time, usually one week. If a place is offered at the beginning of the academic year but not taken up at that point in time the child's name will be taken off the waiting list. 

The school fees for the Reception class are £4550 per year (separate from the one-off registration fee). Parents are also eligible for a discount off the fees via the FEEE grant (typically £1000-£1500 depending on when your child turns 5). The amount of the FEEE grant is determined by the term in which your child turns 5. Please call the school office for more details.

The school fees for the rest of the school are £3450 per year (separate from the one-off registration fee).

Sibling discount

The school offers discounts for any siblings that join the school. The sibling discount per child is £100 for those with two children and £300 per child for those with three or more children.

Parents are advised not to rely solely on their application to Noor Ul Islam Primary School but to also apply elsewhere as places are not guaranteed. Also note that the Noor Ul Islam Pre School is not an automatic feeder to the primary school. Attending the Pre-School does not guarantee your child a place at this primary school.