School Dinners

School dinners are £14.00 per week, emails will be sent out with information how to book and pay for school dinners. You may either pay for the entire half-term or choose which weeks you would like your child to have school dinners. Please note: there are no refunds for absences (including trips). 

All pupils must bring a refillable water bottle to school in addition to any other drink, enabling them access to fresh drinking water throughout the day. This is not only much more hygienic but also ensures pupils can independently refill their own bottles especially at break and lunch time when plastic cups are not always readily available. Can we also remind parents that although it is not compulsory to bring in a snack for break time, we do recommend sending in two pieces of fruit or a healthy snack whether your child has school dinners or packed lunch. Please note that unfortunately our pupils are not encouraged to share their snacks with one another due to allergies.